Natural Hair Love Must Be Returned

When I was a child, I wasn’t taught to love my natural hair. My hair was permed for the first time around the age of 9 to make it more “manageable” because my family didn’t know how to handle my hair in its natural state. Once I did the Big Chop, I learned to love my hair and become intimate with my hair. My hair is it’s own cushion for my head, I can make it into any shape I want and I loved how it never grows downward. My hair grows upward as if it is trying to touch the clouds. As I learned to love what was given to me, I realized I need to surround myself with people that love my hair as well. They must accept that I change it up sometimes whether I put in Bantu Knots, twists or even when I  have my Afro messy and uncombed. After all, my hair is a part of me. If people don’t accept my hair in it’s natural state than that person is not for me. 

I love my hair and I need people around me to love it as well. 

Make sure those around you accept you completely and that includes your hair.





I did the Big Chop..Now what?

You know the feeling of relief when you finally cut off the permed ends of your hair? The feeling of freedom from the creamy white hair crack called “The Perm”. Now you look at your bathroom mirror to see your TWA (Tinnie Winnie Afro) and you say “Now what do I do?” Don’t worry, I have been through that awkward stage of the TWA because I didn’t know how to style it. My hair was 2 inches short. Here are some things that I did at the awkward stages of my TWA. 

  • Go Hair Shopping: Go to the nearest beauty supply store and buy little knick-knacks for your hair such as hair flowers, cute headbands, hair clips, and etc. 
  • Sass up your style: Now your face is more exposed because of your super short hair. If you like, try wearing a little bit of make up such as mascara, lip gloss or even eye shadow if you feel like it. Wear big earrings(Not Heavy) if you like. Avoid heavy earrings. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself and make you happy, do it. It’s up to you. 
  • Headscarves: Headscarves are a good way to protect your TWA from the harsh winter or  summer months, plus they are fashionable. Headscarves comes in different types of fabric, colors and patterns. Try them out. 
  • Confidence: The TWA gave me a big confidence boost because I felt like I could do anything with it. I loved my hair short which boosted my self esteem. I love my hair the way it was and that’s all it mattered to me. Confidence is the key to rocking this short style. 
  • Have fun: I tried different shampoos, conditioners and oils to see what worked for me and what didn’t. I took every opportunity to experiment. 
  • Hair Pick: I found the hair pick quite valuable if I wanted to keep my TWA as neat as possible. 
  • Bonnet: Don’t forget to protect your TWA at night. 

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps the ladies that did the Big Chop! Enjoy your natural hair! 


Coconut oil is my Best-friend!

Ever since I have started to use Coconut oil for my hair, I cannot separate myself from it. It’s light on my hair as well as my skin, smells good and it’s healthy for you. I am in love with it and here are some reasons why.

  • It is a good substitute for my skin to moisturize instead of using lotion.
  • It is an excellent sealant for my hair after I moisturize it as well as washing it.
  • Excellent for my lips as well. It is a good back up in case I can’t find my chapstick.
  • It doesn’t have a strange smell after it sits in my hair for a while (depending on what brand you use).
  • Helps my coily hair grow and makes it shiny
  • Helps prevent my scalp from getting itchy and dry.
  • It helps prevent protein loss in my naturally dry hair
  • Keeps my scalp free from dandruff
  • Prevents my skin from getting dry and flaky

The list goes on! This is just a handful of reasons why I stick to coconut oil! You should try it too if you haven’t done so already!

Helpful Hair/Skin tip!

Thanks for reading!


How to Handle Writer’s Block

Every writer goes through writer’s block. I know I have in the past and it’s very annoying. It’s a frustration feeling when you can’t get anything from your brain on paper. So here’s what I do to help “cure” my writer’s block.

  1.  Just simply put the story down for a little while. Forcing ideas out of  your head when your are frustrated will not help you at all.  It’s okay to do something else and come back to it later.
  2. Brainstorm: Jot down some ideas that you would like to incorporate into your story. Write down anything that comes to mind and just delete any ideas that won’t make sense in your story later. At this point, any idea could work.
  3. Use your dreams: If you have dreams that you can remember, write them down! They can be of use to you. The majority of my writing come from my dreams and it makes my stories quite mysterious. Use dreams or nightmares to your advantage to make your story creative.
  4. Use Writing Prompts: Writing prompts could help you get you started. It’s a little script that tells you what to write and then you can take it from there. You can search them up online!
  5. Use Music: Music is one of the key factors to my writing. I use specific genres for different scenes. For example, I use Rock or Heavy Metal for fight scenes and African music for love scenes. Use music to your advantage!

I hope this helps! Happy Writing!

10 Fun Facts About Me!

This post is about fun facts about me that I thought I should share with you. 

  • I am Nigerian (Igbo) , born in New Jersey and raised there as well as Florida. 
  • I have a terrible fear of public speaking because I am naturally really shy. I sweat in front of large crowds. 
  • I love to write. I prefer to stay up past mid-night to write. That’s when I get my most creative ideas. 
  • I love sunsets. For my last wish, I just want to see the beautiful sunset because I value it that much. 
  • I have a fear of sleeping in silence and the dark. I like to have noise in the background. 
  • I laugh at my own jokes. I am that funny! 
  • My love for animals is overwhelming at times. I have cried for a sick kitten once. 
  • I am obsessed with wolves. They are my favorite animals. 
  • I’m the silliest person you will ever meet, once you get to know me of course. 
  • I think I am one of the few people that actually eats the first slice of a loaf of bread. 

Why did I go Natural?

I get asked this question quite frequently.

Over the years that I have had my hair permed, (especially in high school) I noticed how thin and unhealthy my hair looked. I didn’t like how my hair looked so thin without any volume to it. The perm was just killing my hair and I got bored with the straight hair look. Then one day I thought, “What does my natural hair look like?”. Then I got really curious to what my natural texture looked like. What it going to be curly, wavy, kinky or coily? I wasn’t sure at first. After I did some online research about how harmful the perm is to my body and my health, I had to stop immediately.

I started watch Youtube videos by women who when from permed to natural such as Naturalchica and Naptural85. Then I made the decision to leave the perm behind and embrace the hair that I was born with. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t return to the perm ever again. I can’t do that to myself. When I did the Big Chop back in December of 2012, that was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

Embrace the hair that you were born with, it is part of you!