How to Handle Writer’s Block

Every writer goes through writer’s block. I know I have in the past and it’s very annoying. It’s a frustration feeling when you can’t get anything from your brain on paper. So here’s what I do to help “cure” my writer’s block.

  1.  Just simply put the story down for a little while. Forcing ideas out of  your head when your are frustrated will not help you at all.  It’s okay to do something else and come back to it later.
  2. Brainstorm: Jot down some ideas that you would like to incorporate into your story. Write down anything that comes to mind and just delete any ideas that won’t make sense in your story later. At this point, any idea could work.
  3. Use your dreams: If you have dreams that you can remember, write them down! They can be of use to you. The majority of my writing come from my dreams and it makes my stories quite mysterious. Use dreams or nightmares to your advantage to make your story creative.
  4. Use Writing Prompts: Writing prompts could help you get you started. It’s a little script that tells you what to write and then you can take it from there. You can search them up online!
  5. Use Music: Music is one of the key factors to my writing. I use specific genres for different scenes. For example, I use Rock or Heavy Metal for fight scenes and African music for love scenes. Use music to your advantage!

I hope this helps! Happy Writing!


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