I did the Big Chop..Now what?

You know the feeling of relief when you finally cut off the permed ends of your hair? The feeling of freedom from the creamy white hair crack called “The Perm”. Now you look at your bathroom mirror to see your TWA (Tinnie Winnie Afro) and you say “Now what do I do?” Don’t worry, I have been through that awkward stage of the TWA because I didn’t know how to style it. My hair was 2 inches short. Here are some things that I did at the awkward stages of my TWA. 

  • Go Hair Shopping: Go to the nearest beauty supply store and buy little knick-knacks for your hair such as hair flowers, cute headbands, hair clips, and etc. 
  • Sass up your style: Now your face is more exposed because of your super short hair. If you like, try wearing a little bit of make up such as mascara, lip gloss or even eye shadow if you feel like it. Wear big earrings(Not Heavy) if you like. Avoid heavy earrings. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself and make you happy, do it. It’s up to you. 
  • Headscarves: Headscarves are a good way to protect your TWA from the harsh winter or  summer months, plus they are fashionable. Headscarves comes in different types of fabric, colors and patterns. Try them out. 
  • Confidence: The TWA gave me a big confidence boost because I felt like I could do anything with it. I loved my hair short which boosted my self esteem. I love my hair the way it was and that’s all it mattered to me. Confidence is the key to rocking this short style. 
  • Have fun: I tried different shampoos, conditioners and oils to see what worked for me and what didn’t. I took every opportunity to experiment. 
  • Hair Pick: I found the hair pick quite valuable if I wanted to keep my TWA as neat as possible. 
  • Bonnet: Don’t forget to protect your TWA at night. 

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps the ladies that did the Big Chop! Enjoy your natural hair! 



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