Natural Hair Love Must Be Returned

When I was a child, I wasn’t taught to love my natural hair. My hair was permed for the first time around the age of 9 to make it more “manageable” because my family didn’t know how to handle my hair in its natural state. Once I did the Big Chop, I learned to love my hair and become intimate with my hair. My hair is it’s own cushion for my head, I can make it into any shape I want and I loved how it never grows downward. My hair grows upward as if it is trying to touch the clouds. As I learned to love what was given to me, I realized I need to surround myself with people that love my hair as well. They must accept that I change it up sometimes whether I put in Bantu Knots, twists or even when I  have my Afro messy and uncombed. After all, my hair is a part of me. If people don’t accept my hair in it’s natural state than that person is not for me. 

I love my hair and I need people around me to love it as well. 

Make sure those around you accept you completely and that includes your hair.





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