A Review for the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy!

I never experimented with color before with my hair in my life. I am not exactly comfortable yet to permanently dye my hair or put in highlights. So I thought to try a temporary way to color my hair with Hair Chalk. Hair chalking is a way to change your hair color just as fast as you change your make up. It is a super easy way to color your hair. So I thought to try the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy. The color I used was Ombre, which I loved in my hair. Even though my experience was lovely with this product, it does have its Cons as well as its Pros. 


  1. The product is very messy when it’s being applied to hair. I had Ombre chalk all over my hands as well as my sink. The directions should say put a towel over her work area as well as over your shoulders. 
  2. The product can only be used once unfortunately. I thought that was very expensive to pay for a product that was about $40.00 that I only get to use one time. The product wasn’t easy to find either. 
  3. The color fades each day. I didn’t mind the color fading. I actually liked the color more when it was faded. I only had the color in my hair for 3 days. 
  4. It does stain your clothes a bit. So I avoided dark colored clothing when I had it in my hair. 
  5. It does make your hair look dryer than usual


  1. It is an excellent way to color your hair without any commitments as if it were dyed. 
  2. It washes out super well. You can see the color running down the drain when you wash your hair out. 
  3. It is not damaging to your hair at all. It is safe.
  4. It is a great way to experiment with color to see what colors you like for your hair and skin tone. It is also great to wear to special events. 

Will ever hair chalk my hair again? Of course! It’s fun to use and I really liked the product. Next time I will try a different color! 



2 thoughts on “A Review for the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy!

  1. Arlen says:

    That was very interesting. I never heard of color chalk. Probably wouldn’t use because that’s pretty expensive for one time application. Although if I ever decide to dye my hair, it does seem like a good way to test out the color to see if I would like it first. I loved the coconut oil, smells really good.

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    • coilynansi says:

      There are others that you can get in stores that are a bit cheaper. I think the beauty supply store called Sally’s has some hair chalks that are cheaper than the one I bought online. But yes, you should try it. Coconut oil is the best!
      Thanks for checking my Blog!


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