Working on your Novel: Just Getting Started

When you are working on your novel (especially if it’s your very first), it can be frustrating and a little uncomfortable. If you don’t know where you are going with it and unsure what characters you are going to create, it okay! This is just the beginning and even I get stumped sometimes when I just started fresh all over again. Also, it is okay to rip out the pages of your notebook and start from scratch. I have thrown away so many crappy ideas in the trash that didn’t make sense to me so it is okay. This is part of the writing process. Here are some steps to at least get your foot on the petal before you start driving.

1. Find a quiet place 

This place is up to you of course and where you feel most at ease. This could be; Starbucks, your bedroom, the library, your car..where ever you like. You really need a place to get your mind moving. Quiet is key. Music can me incorporated in this too, so bring your music with you if you like.

2. Start on the rough draft of your Plot: 

The plot to your novel doesn’t need to make sense right now, you just started. Anything in your journal or Word document helps right now. Write down anything that comes to mind about your plot. Is your protagonist male or female? Is your main character a human or a werewolf? Are you starting your story with the antagonist instead? Little things like this is what I mean.

3. Do a mini plot map: 

After the second step, start on a map as to where you think you want your story to go. This will take sometime but there is no rush. Write down a chain of events that you thought of in a order of sequence, so it makes sense to you. It could be a timeline, list, or even a web.

4. Create the Skeleton of your Main Characters: 

At the point, you want to create your character. Not so much to what your character looks like (that can come later) but what your character wants. Desires? Goals? Then figure out the reason why your characters want these things.

5. Build and Keep Building

When you are ready, you can go back and build on what you started to elaborate. This is where you take things out and put new things in your plot map. You will be doing this process until you are sure that you can write the first 5 chapters of your novel. Add as much detail as possible. (You will thank yourself later) Make sure things make sense to you.Where does the story take place? What time period does it take place?  What are your characters doing? Why are they doing it? How does the antagonist get in the way of the protagonist? Will there be any character deaths? These are the some of the questions you want to answer in your plot map with as much detail as you can. The key here, you want your map to be solid.

-I hope this helps my fellow writers! Good luck! Tell me how this works for you below!



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