Finding Your Voice

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self”  – Cyril Connolly 

When it comes to fiction writing (or writing in general), you have to find your own voice or your own unique way you write. Writing is not so much imitating your favorite author. It is more about “you” and creating your own writing style. It will be your voice, your tool to reach out to your readers. You have to find within your heart what do you really want to write about. What do you care about? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes your mind go? What message are you trying to convey to your readers? Things like that.

Finding your voice is a life time practice for writers and it will take time to mold it just how you want. Don’t get frustrated if your words don’t sound like the way you want it to or if your sentences aren’t flowing like you want. That is what editing is for.  You have to keep polishing your craft until it feels good to you. Writing will always need editing. It is not going to be perfect the first couple of times. And don’t think it is perfect the first time you write too. There is always room for polishing.  I tend to have a habit whenever I first write a draft of a chapter, that it is perfect the way it is (believe me it is not). I have to remind myself all of the time to revise and keep revising. Trust me it will pay in the long run. Writers, just remember to write for yourself even if you don’t have the audience that you would like to. An audience will come, be patient. Stay true to yourself when you are writing and don’t become someone you are not. The writing world can be scary and can get you lost in it if you are not careful.

I hope this helps! Good Luck my writers!



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