The Importance of Scalp Massages

During my natural hair journey, sometimes I have difficulty finding time to take care of my hair between college and work. Usually, I would put my hair up in a “pineapple” or a “palm tree” when the hair style is entirely to old to wear and I know then Wash Day is coming soon. But early in my journey, I learned to utilize that most relaxing thing I could have done to myself, which are the scalp massages. This small thing takes only 15 minutes but it is so important to your hair. Here are some of the benefits of massaging your scalp during or in between washing your hair.

  • It’s stimulates blood flow in the scalp which encourages hair growth(Trust me it works!)
  • It relieves tension in the scalp from tight protective styling or rough handling of your hair.
  • Loosen scalp build up when or before washing.
    • Massing your scalp vigorously releases the build up while washing and it will come out very clean once you are done.
  • Can reduce itchiness.
    • Whenever my scalp itchiness every now and again I put some TeaTree or Coconut oil on my fingers before massaging so my scalp can absorb the oil. You can use any oil of your choice with this.
  • It relaxes you.
    • Whenever I feel stressed, I just put my hands in my hair and my stress level is reduced some.

As you can see, scalp massages has some benefits and majority of this is coming from experience with my hair. The tip here is to NOT scratch your scalp with your nails (You will get scabs that way or even infections if not careful), use the balls of your finger tips to massage or relieve itchiness if you need to. Take 15 minutes to really get into your scalp to relax it. Take your time with this and your hair will thank you. Your scalp care should be important to you as it is the soil for your hair.

I hope this helped some! Thanks for reading!