Stereotypes of 4c Hair Textures that Must Go (Kinky-Coily)


During my natural journey, I have heard so many negative comments about my hair texture (which is mostly 4c) and I just want to clarify some things because the comments are just nonsense to me. 4c or the kinky-coily hair texture I have is so thick and beautiful, you can do so much with it. It is very diverse. Also with this hair texture, they tend to hold styles longer because of the coily curl pattern it has. I honestly feel like I have the best hair texture a girl can ask for because I learned how to work with it. So here are some of the stereotypes that I have picked up on my hair journey.

  • It’s too High-Mantienence 

I find that those who don’t know or is a beginner of maintaining this hair texture are usually the people that say it is too “high maintenance. Don’t get me wrong, this hair texture can be challenging if you make it challenging or if you don’t make the time to take care of it. If you let this hair texture tangle and mat up over time, yes it will be difficult and time consuming to detangle. The coils are super tight so it is prone to tangling if you are not careful and that causes breakage. I have made the styling and detangling process easier on me over time by twists my hair up after washing/ conditioning or put it in bantu knots to avoid the strands from hugging each other too much at night. Majority of the time, I like to keep my hair in a simple “low maintenance” protective style to keep my hands out of my hair. So this hair texture is only difficult if you let it and become too lazy, so see what works for you.

  • It doesn’t grow 

This one I heard is ridiculous because all hair grows. Hair is meant to grow, just like grass. I believe the problem with this is that with this hair texture it shrinks up more than half of its body length so you can’t see its true length until you use stretched styles or you blow your hair out. The 4c curl pattern is so tight the look is deceiving because people don’t really know how long it is. So yes, this hair texture does grow, its just that the shrinkage hides it from you.

  • It’s too Hard to Comb through 

One of the many mistakes that people make with this hair texture is combing or detangling without soaking it with water and having it saturated with conditioner. That is a BIG NO NO.  Make conditioner your best friend because it will make detangling or combing a lot easier on you and it will cut down a lot of time. However, try to keep combing to a minimal to avoid breakage and losing too much hair. I learned not to manipulate my hair too much in one week because I want to give time for my hair to rest and grow. Though, if you use a lot  protective styling, you will need to use conditioner to comb (with a Wide tooth Comb) to out the accumulated shed hair that has been sitting in your fro. So have a balance. Combing is good but for this hair texture, keep it to a minimal.

  • It’s too Dry 

Okay, natural hair is naturally dry, it is just the nature of it but it doesn’t mean abandon it. You have to tend to its needs. If you see a plant or grass of yours withering away, what do you do? You water it right? You have to keep plants watered and moisturized. This is exactly what you do with natural hair. I said this before and I will say it again, this is where conditioner becomes your best friend. It will save you a lot of trouble and it will make your hair happy. Deep conditioning is very important for this hair type because it keeps the hair strong especially when you are always styling like me.  I like to deep condition bi-weekly and that also depends what style I have as well. The time between deep conditioning are never too far away. In between deep conditions, I would use a leave in conditioner or I would spray my hair with water with a mixture of any oil I want every 2 to 3 days. The point of this is all is to keep your hair nice and moisturized because breakage is never too far away from you.

These are just some of the things I wanted to address today.

Thanks so much for reading!