Transitioning your Hair Regimen for the Warmer Months ( 4c Hair Texture)

In my natural hair journey, I noticed that my hair regimen will have to adjust according to the weather or the time of year. I noticed that my hair regimen is different during the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, it is never the same and some products have to change. Now that the weather is becoming warmer and more humid, I will tell you what has been working for my 4c hair texture.

  • Less is more 

During the warmer months, I can’t be heavy handed with all of the products I use on my hair. I have to use a little bit at a time so I won’t clog up my scalp and weigh down my strands. I have to have a balance of what I use more and less of. I tend to use more conditioner and less styling product. Conditioner is the basis of my hair that keeps it nice and moist during the week so I will need more of it, the styling product just keeps it steady. The key is is to stay lightweight. Sometimes I only use two products in my hair to stay as light as possible.

  • Leave the Shea Butters and Heavy Creams alone for now 

You won’t need Shea butters and heavy styling creams during the warmer months. I noticed its too heavy for my hair and it causes a lot of build up on my scalp. These will make sure your hair feel very oily. Stick with conditioner and lighter styling creams such as hair milks or styling gels.

  • Co-washing and Steaming More 

Since my hair is more exposed to the sun, it dries my hair. To avoid my hair from becoming too dry, I cowash more or I steam my hair in the shower. I like to cowash my hair weekly and steam in between that to balance it all. Dry hair breaks and causes split ends.

  • Coat your hair for swimming (Do yourself that favor) 

If you plan on going to the beach frequently or swimming in the pool with your loose hair, I would suggest you coat your hair with conditioner that morning so your hair won’t get salt or chlorine damage later. You can use whatever cheap conditioner you have in your house. I like to go to the beach or to the pool when my hair style is getting old (which means it’s close to Wash day) and I can easily wet it in the shower, gently detangle and coat it with conditioner before putting it up in a puff or a bun for the day(whatever protective style you like) . This way my hair won’t soak up too much of the elements in the water. When I get home, it’s wash day when I do a DEEP CLEANING with my clarifying shampoo to wash everything out. Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

  • Don’t forget to DEEP condition 

Deep condition timing never changes during the year. This is what stays stable in my regimen because this is what keeps my hair elastic and strong during styling. So make sure you are deep conditioning during all of this. I favor deep conditioning with heat because it cuts down time especially when I am on the go. During the warmer months, I am usually busy.

-I hope this helps! I will talk to you all in the next blog post! Comment below and tell me how this works for you.