How Do I Revive my Hair from Summer Heat?


This summer has been extremely hot and dry. I have done a lot of activities this summer that had my hair exposed to the hot sun such as; the beach, cook outs and many days at the park. The heat and the dry sun did take a toll on my hair, even though I still cowashed my hair bi-weekly. Towards the end of summer, I like to go organic and clarify my hair before Fall comes around to give my hair a fresh start again. My hair seems to love it because majority of the time I use store bought products to clean and condition. I like to switch things up. So I took majority of the day to really Clean and Moisturize my hair.

  1. Clarifying: Since I cowash often, I get build up on my scalp and conditioner/ product gunk on my hair which can weigh it down. My hair began to feel lifeless and limp. So I decided to start of with one of my favorite clarifying products which is my Tressentials Lavender Garden Hair Wash. It’s basically a mud wash for hair, that cleans your hair instead of using shampoo. It does a really good job at cleaning your without any coating agents, fragrances or any other gunk that normal shampoo would live in your hair. Your hair and scalp will be squeaky clean once you’re done using it.
  • I put my hair in 6 sections with butterfly clips and began to wet my hair with a spray bottle of water.
  • Then I poured some of the mud in a little cup and diluted it with water (this mud is potent so you should diluted some if you are using it for your first time). Then I put a little bit of mud on my fingers and started putting it on my roots and scalp first. After that I worked it through the length of my hair and put the section away to start on the other sections.
  • I let the mud sit in my hair for a few minutes before I got in the shower to rinse and repeat. Focus on your scalp especially when washing in the shower. When rinsing make sure the mud is all gone , take your time rinsing it out.


2. Conditioning with Honey/Olive oil 

  • Outside of the shower I began to apply my DIY Honey & Extra Virgin Olive Oil homemade conditioner from roots to ends (pay attention to the ends). I made sure my hair was well coated before I pinned it away with Butterfly clips and sealing the sections with two plastic caps. I allowed that to sit in my hair for almost 2 hours because my hair was really dry but you can leave this in for as long as you want.
  • When rinsing this out, make sure you are using cold water and take your time with it. Comb your hair though with your fingers as your rinsing. You don’t want to leave any of this in your hair, it will be a sticky situation.  After this, your hair will be moist and very shiny!

You can style your hair as you please after this, using any products you want. It is up to you! I hope this helps you my naturalistas!


  • You can heat up the Honey/Olive oil mix in the microwave for 15 seconds to get in nice and warm for your hair.
  • I don’t mud wash often because it is very drying. I only do it once in a while when I feel like my hair needs a deep cleaning, I don’t have a set schedule for it.  Though you can wash your hair monthly with it, if you wish to.