Benefits of Deep Conditioning for Kinkier Hair Textures

Instead of doing your normal conditioning, it is really beneficial to take that extra step and give your hair the extra love that it needs to stay strong. If you haven’t added deep conditioning to your hair regimen, now it’s the time to get with the program. You will not regret it, especially if you want longer hair. I can not stress this enough to natural women with 4c (Kinky-Coily) textures like mine that it is really important to keep deep conditioning on schedule.


  • Moisture: Deep Conditioning brings back the much needed moisture that your hair needed to prevent breakage. Coily hair tends to be on the dryer side, so adding that extra step will keep the moisture balanced until your next wash day.
  • Elasticity: When your hair dry, it loses it elasticity and it becomes more prone to breakage when your are styling, combing or any other manipulation you do to your hair. So deep conditioning your hair will bring it back and keep your hair strong while you are styling.
  • Hair Health Improves: It will increase the health of your hair overall especially when your is chemically treated with color.
  • Damage Control: If you have damage to your hair already, deep conditioning will help keep it under control until you cut off the damage strands as your hair grows.

Things to Keep in Mind: 

  • Don’t leave it in your hair for too long, this can lead to over moisturizing and can leave your hair very stiff. The most time is 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Deep conditioning with heat helps cuts time to 30 minutes.
  • If you are shampooing, deep condition right after! Shampoo is drying!
  • You can add some olive oil to your deep conditioner to give your hair extra love.
  • Deep condition weekly or every 2 weeks, depending on your wash cycle.

I hope this helps! Have fun deep conditioning!



A To-Do List before Considering Coloring your Natural hair




At this point in my hair journey, I want a change, something new. I am really considering  getting my hair colored (Highlights to be specific) and embracing a new journey. Yes, I have heard of all the scary colored hair stories that I have been told but honestly I am up for the challenge. I am taking this as a new learning experience so I can actually talk about it after the fact I color it. So I took some cautious steps, to avoid a hair disaster and you should consider these steps too.

  • Research: 
    • It is important to have an idea what colors you are considering and what style? Do you want to go darker or lighter? How light to you want to go? Do you want your whole head dyed in one color or do you want just highlights(Partial dyeing)? And top of that you should consider what kind of dye do you want to use; Henna or normal dye with bleaching agents?
    • Also you should look at the pros and cons of Colored Treated hair. You want to know what you are getting into and come in the salon informed. Ask yourself “Am I up for the challenge?”
  • Find a Trust Worthy Stylist: 
    • If you don’t have a trust worthy hair stylist already then you should do some searching around. Ask around for Natural hair salons in your area. You need to find a salon that actually cares about you and your hair.
    • Once you find that person, ask them as many questions as you can.
      • How much is it going to cost?
      • What colors are best for my hair and my skin tone?
      • What are some concerns I should have about my hair?
      • How should I care for it?
    • You should ask questions of this nature, just so you have a well rounded idea. Again, you want to be informed as much as possible before you set an appointment.
  • Consider the CURRENT condition of your hair 
    • You should consider the health of your hair FIRST before anything. Hair should be at its healthiest before you make any chemical changes to it. Dying your hair can take a toll on it and dry it out majorly if your hair is not at its best.
    • If your hair is recovering from damage, I would wait 6 months or so until it is healthy. Take care of the condition it is now. You dont want to add any additional damage. The last thing you want is your hair to break even more!
  • Get Prepared 
    • This is the time you want to start stocking on products that are for “Colored Treated” hair because you may have to switch up some things. That doesn’t mean buy over $100 worth of products. Just consider some good deep condtioners, color safe shampoos and conditioners, as well as some styling products to save your new hair color.
    • Ask your hair stylist what does he/she recommend.
    • You can search around in beauty supply stores:
      • Shea Moisture
      • Carol’s Daughter
      • TGIN
    • Those are just to name a few that has products for colored treated hair.
  • Keep you hair in Tip-Top condition 
    • At this time, keep your hair as healthy as you can until your appointment day comes. If you need a trim, I would advise you to do it some time before your appointment. Keep your strands strong and healthy.

It is important to consider all of these steps before coloring your hair. This is not to scare you at all, it is just to prepare you to avoid the worst case scenario. It’s not a lot of work. I want you to have the best coloring experience because you deserve it and I know you care about your natural hair. If your hair is currently damaged, please wait before you color, you would want your hair to be at the best condition it can be. Hair dye alters your hair a bit, this is why it is important to take these steps.


  • Make an early appointment, you dont want to rush this.
  • Don’t be scared, at the end of the day it is just hair.
  • Keep in touch with your stylist in case you have any questions before your appointment.
  • Make sure you get a a DEEP condition when the color is applied to your hair.

This is it folks! Let me know how it goes in the comments!


Product Review: Indian Hemp& Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque

I am currently on a journey looking for good deep conditioners for my hair because I want my hair to stay moisturized and strong. Also, I plan on coloring my hair soon and when it comes to color treated hair, deep conditioners will be your best friend! So I took a trip to CVS to pick up a few things and I came across a brand that I heard of which was Nubian Heritage. So I picked up their Indian Hemp& Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque and I don’t regret spending my money on it at all!


During my wash day, I set this in my hair generously from root to ends and let this sit in my hair with two plastic caps. I used heat from my bonnet dryer at home for about 30 minutes and…whoa…let me tell you the results. My hair loved it!! I rinsed it out with cool water in the sink and my hair became super supple! I was able to detangle with it with my fingers in the sink. I have to say, this product really did my dry hair justice!

IMG_5310 IMG_5304


Before and After rinsing it out..


  • It’s very creamy (not loose) so it will stick well to your strands. 
  • When using it with heat, your hair will become very supple and moist. 
  • Decreases breakage while styling, because it strengthens your hair 
  • Detangling becomes a breeze (especially for kinky hair like mine) 


  • Its expensive: about $14 dollars at CVS. 
    • Even on the Nubian Heritage website it was still pricey. I would check for sales. 


  • Use heat with it for about 30 minutes for better and softer results. 
  • Use a generous and HEALTHY amount on all of your strands. Don’t forget to pay attention to your ends! They need love too!
  • Rinse this out with cool water to close the cuticle of your hair. Never warm water. 
  • You can leave some of this in if you want. 

This deep conditioner may be one of my stable products for the Fall/Winter. I had no issues with it. I will be using it more often in my hair regimen.

Let me know in the comments if you like this product or not! I am open to suggestions as well!