Product Review: Indian Hemp& Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque

I am currently on a journey looking for good deep conditioners for my hair because I want my hair to stay moisturized and strong. Also, I plan on coloring my hair soon and when it comes to color treated hair, deep conditioners will be your best friend! So I took a trip to CVS to pick up a few things and I came across a brand that I heard of which was Nubian Heritage. So I picked up their Indian Hemp& Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque and I don’t regret spending my money on it at all!


During my wash day, I set this in my hair generously from root to ends and let this sit in my hair with two plastic caps. I used heat from my bonnet dryer at home for about 30 minutes and…whoa…let me tell you the results. My hair loved it!! I rinsed it out with cool water in the sink and my hair became super supple! I was able to detangle with it with my fingers in the sink. I have to say, this product really did my dry hair justice!

IMG_5310 IMG_5304


Before and After rinsing it out..


  • It’s very creamy (not loose) so it will stick well to your strands. 
  • When using it with heat, your hair will become very supple and moist. 
  • Decreases breakage while styling, because it strengthens your hair 
  • Detangling becomes a breeze (especially for kinky hair like mine) 


  • Its expensive: about $14 dollars at CVS. 
    • Even on the Nubian Heritage website it was still pricey. I would check for sales. 


  • Use heat with it for about 30 minutes for better and softer results. 
  • Use a generous and HEALTHY amount on all of your strands. Don’t forget to pay attention to your ends! They need love too!
  • Rinse this out with cool water to close the cuticle of your hair. Never warm water. 
  • You can leave some of this in if you want. 

This deep conditioner may be one of my stable products for the Fall/Winter. I had no issues with it. I will be using it more often in my hair regimen.

Let me know in the comments if you like this product or not! I am open to suggestions as well!



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