Flexi Rod Set on Colored 4c Hair

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Hey all! I finally did something different on my colored hair and did a Flexi-Rod set for the first time! I used heat to blow dry my hair a bit so my hair can be nice and stretched before applying the rods. I am happy with the results for my first dry. Here are the steps I took.

Wash Day : 

  • Parted the old hair in 6 sections and applied Nubian Heritage: Indian Hemp & Tamanu Cowash after wetting my hair with water.
    • Let the cowash sit for 15 minutes and detangle each section with a wide tooth comb
  • Next get in the shower and begin washing with that same product.
    • Detangled with my fingers only
  • After washing, I applied Shea Moisture’s: Manuka Honey &Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Mask to deep condition each section.
    • Allowed that to sit for 30 minutes under heat. Rinse out after with cold water.



  • I applied one leave-in conditioner and two heat protective products
    • Note: My hair is dyed now so I have to protect it from heat damage as much as I can
      • Shea Moisture: Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-In 
      • Olive Oil: ORS Heat Protective Hair Serum 
      • CHI: Silk Infusion Reconstructive Complex
    • Then I blow dried each section after applying all three items.
  • Before applying the Flexi rods, I used Jane Carter’s Wrap& Roll for hold to each medium sections I made.
  • Lastly I wrapped medium sections of hair to the medium and small Flexi rods for variation.
  • I applied a little bit of shea butter for the ends.

And that its all!


  • If you are going to use heat and blow your hair out, please deep condition!
  • Make sure you have a holding product before applying the flexi rods.
  • Make sure your hair is detangled well before styling.
  • When separating, use a bit of oil on your fingers but only separate once on each section you made to prevent frizz.

Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below!


I Finally Dyed my Hair!

I finally got the courage to dye my hair! The color that I chose with my stylist is a Medium Copper Blonde. It didn’t want to go too bright for the first time. It’s a little difficult to see in pictures though, so I am trying to take pictures with a lot of lighting.  As you can already see, I have been working with my new colored hair. I won’t comment on it until I get a lot more experience with it. At this point is has been about over 2 weeks since it was colored. I just want to show you guys the color. Don’t worry, I will be making posts about how my hair regimen changed with my colored hair. 

Thanks for reading!