Pros and Cons of Colored Hair (for Coily hair)

Now that it is almost 2 months, I have gotten some experience with my Colored Treated hair and I have to say it is a learning experience. Though I am enjoying my learn experience! It is almost like a fresh start. So I think I  have came up with a good pros and cons list but sadly it is more on the cons side. Sorry folks! I just want you all to know the truth, I don’t want to scare you. I just want you to know what you are getting into before you decide to color your coily hair.



  • Instant Gratification: Don’t get me wrong, getting your hair dyed is exciting. It is a new look to you and you should be excited. Dyed hair makes you look different. I was super excited when I made to the hair salon because I wanted a new look.
  • Learning Experience: I wanted to dye my hair so I can learn from it. I wanted to know what my hair liked and didn’t like when it came to coloring. My hair is looser so I am basically dealing with two hair textures like transitioning hair!  I wanted the knowledge in case someone asked me about hair coloring and I can tell them from my experience. I have to say I am learning a lot.


  • Dryness: I have to take an extra mile to make my hair feel moisturized. Dyed hair is dryer hair because it is chemically altered. I have to deep condition more often than usual and also use protein treatments to keep it strong. So my hair gets dryer faster! Also it can look dry even if its moisturized.
  • Weakness: I noticed my hair is weaker than usual. It breaks easily and sometimes I don’t even hear a snap when my hair breaks. It just breaks without a sound. So I have added protein treatments to my hair regimen to prevent my hair from breaking so much when styling
  • Thinner hair: I am noticing that my hair is thinner.  I remembered when my hair was all black it was thick with A LOT of body but now that it is colored it it changed that a bit. So I am finding ways to make my hair look bigger than it is.
  • Split Ends: I became prone to split ends because of the hair color. I recently had to trim my ends myself (about an inch) because of my dry ends. When I condition my hair, I pay CLOSE attention to them.
  • Getting the picture: My hair color is not that bright so I have to get in the sunlight for people to see it in my selfies. A lot of times folks can not see it so that kinda sucks. It makes me think I should have gone brighter.

So that is it! Again this is not to scare you at all, just to prepare you. This is new to me so I just want to share this information with you. If you want to dye your hair, go for it!