How Often do you DC (Deep condition)?

I have been getting this question a lot from my fellow naturals and with those who are slowly transitioning to become natural. Deep conditioning is an important aspect to any hair regimen like I mentioned in my pervious posts. It doesn’t matter if your hair is or isn’t colored treated, deep conditioning should be incorporated in it some how. Now personally, my deep conditioning schedule can vary. Well..actually I don’t really have a set schedule.

  • When moisture is needed: 
    • My coily hair is currently color treated so it becomes dryer than usual simply because the hair dye takes moisture and protein from it. So on my wash day, if I feel like my hair needs some extra love, I will do the DC after cleansing. My hair becomes very soft after that.
  • Occasionally I skip: 
    • I cowash often and most of my conditioners are very thick. Deep conditioning may not be needed if I use a thick conditioner to start off with such as TRESemme, Madame CJ Walker Conditioner or Suave. I don’t want to over moisturize my hair so thats why I occasionally skip it.
  • Shampooing: 
    • If I am shampooing on a particular wash day then doing the DC is much needed because shampooing is very drying. Shampoo cleans everything off your hair strands even the sebum (which is your hair’s natural oils), so you must bring all that moisture back.

I usually wash my hair every week or almost 2 weeks depending on the style. So I determine if my hair needs extra moisture on my own because I always examine my hair before washing and ask myself questions. How does my hair feel today? Is it brittle? Too soft? Does it sound like sandpaper? These questions will help you determine if you need to DC or not. However, don’t question it if you shampoo your hair.

I hope this helps! Let me know how this goes and what deep conditioners are your favorite!



10 thoughts on “How Often do you DC (Deep condition)?

  1. comfygirlwithcurls says:

    My hair loves when I DC on every wash day (For me this is every week or every 2, depending on how lazy I am!)

    Every 3rd wash or 4th wash, I definitely mix it up with a Protein Treatment though so my hair doesn’t get too soft!

    I’ve just recently started using the Manuka Honey Shea Moisture one, and I am a big fan!

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