About Me

Hello! Thanks for checking in!

My name is Nsi (pronounced NC) or you can just call me Coilynansi. Doesn’t matter!

I am a young woman in her twenties that is currently a college student. Also I am a blogger and  a writer (not published yet).

I am super excited about this blog. I have never blogged before so this is new to me. I want this blog to be about tips about natural hair as well as writing. I love to write and I want to share my love for writing with you all. In the past many people have told me how helpful I am when it came to writing so that fueled me to start this blog to help more people! I am here to help! My dream is to get published one day because I want to see my novels on the shelves in bookstores. Until then, I will just write for fun!

I also want to help others with their natural hair journey. When I started my natural hair journey, I only had my hair stylist that helped me through it as well as YouTube because I had to learn things on my own too. I didn’t have a lot of help starting out so I just want to share things that I have learned since I have Big Chopped in December 2012. So I hope my tips help and you all enjoy what you see!

You can follow me on Instagram,Twitter and Tumblr


Thanks a lot! – Coilynansi


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